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Hello! Welcome! I'm so glad you found my site. Here I am, on the other side of the computer keyboard and trying to type out a welcome that truly conveys to you how much I think you'll benefit by adding Pilates to your life. Here's what I know: you'll gain a control over your body and how you move by incorporating the Pilates Principles. This is it.
You'll get more out of whatever program you prefer to use as your mode of exercise - walking, running, group exercise, weight lifting, all sports, ... seriously, any program.
You're going to walk taller, grow longer leaner muscles, have a stronger core, balance better, have less injuries, and have a stronger focus in all areas of your life.
I challenge you to try it. (Seriously... just go click above on pricing and choose either monthly or annually. You'll get 7 days free to try it out.)

Take class on your own schedule. Any time, any where.

1-1 Training

Want something customized to fit your needs? You got it.

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Reformer Pilates

From footwork to control front, you get to experience the full repertoire and more of what the Reformer can do for you.

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On the Mat

Mat classes were created to cover everything from head to toe with little to no equipment.

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Mixed Apparatus

Classes incorporating a mix of equipment designed by Joe Pilates. You’ll get to see and use the tower, chair, arc, and ladder barrel.

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Foundational Exercises

Short videos designed to dive further into your practice by breaking down the exercises.



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I love that I get to play everyday. There’s a quote that you should find something that you love to do and make a way to make that your career choice and you’ll never work a day in your life. Well, I found my calling at a super young age of 17. I have been teaching and training ever since. Found my way through all different sorts of methods through the years and was and always have been drawn back to Pilates.

As a military wife and a mother of 3 with lots of moving and family schedules, I found myself back and forth in the Pilates style of teaching only to then move again or have another little kiddo around. Once we were at a point where we were a little more steady in our lives (as well as with older kids), we decided to go full on into my comprehensive Pilates instructor training.

I think exercise should be fun, engaging and challenging all at the same time. Pilates methods have transformed and led so many people to living a life they never dreamed of. It produces a confidence in oneself that they see transform their lives outside the studio. Pilates practice improves balance, strength, core, length, and mental clarity like no other fitness regimen. Though my first introduction to the method was only a spark, it has carried me through my years of development that is woven throughout this platform. My hope is that by taking this leap in your own Pilates experience, you catch a glimpse of the spark in your unique life and embody the ways in which Pilates can - and will - improve your wellbeing.


500+ hour Comprehensive Pilates Instructor, Balanced Body
B.S. Exercise Science
ACE - CPT and Group Fitness


“I started Pilates earlier this year. After trying a few different channels I am so happy I found Michelle’s!! She is great at keeping the workout fun and engaging! I find myself looking forward to my workouts, instead of dreading them like I have in the past. You can tell she has many years of experience as she is very creative with her workouts! She really knows her stuff!!!” -- Kaylyn Morse

“I have subscribed to two other Channels before finding Pilates on Demand. This channel is amazing!!!!!The instructor has great queuing and I love how creative these workouts are. I don’t have time to drive across town to go to a session. This channel keeps me engaged and I enjoy the Michelle’s energy and humor. You can tell that the instructor is very passionate and comes with a-lot of experience. I just love it!” -- Jessica Hanika

“Michelle’s compassion for Pilates is infectious!! Nothing makes Michelle happier than choreographing a new ab or arm sequence and sharing her love of Pilates. This creativity comes from her vast knowledge of anatomy and Pilates. She explains the Pilates principles and encourages us to to incorporate these principles into daily life. I learn something new every class with Michelle which makes me want to learn more. My journey with Pilates continues to grow because of Michelle’s dedication to health and wellness.” -- Leslie Sloan

“I started doing Pilates classes four months ago and I also have done some privates with Michele. She is not only a great instructor but also a very motivating personal instructor . Michele shows a lot of expertise in her training. She know the muscles of the body well and has a way of encouraging me to push myself to stretch just a little farther or work just a bit harder. She tailors movement and positions to each individuals needs. I now am much stronger with more flexibility.I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to develop more strength and flexibility, toning and/or rehab.” -- Julie Gallegos